New Year's special food and the lacquerware

In Japan, people often eat special food called Osechi during the New Year's Days. Osechi was originally the cuisine eaten in the turning points of seasons - In the Heian period (794 - 1185AD), the imperial court used to hold 'Gosechie' ceremonies on each of the five holidays, including New Year's, and offered special dishes, 'Osechiku', to the gods. Over time, Osekku came to be called osechi, referring to the most important New Year's dish.

Osechi is served inside lacquerware box called Oju-bako:

This kind of lacquerware box is not only used for this special food but also for picnics, or to store small items, as sewing box and any other way you wish!

Why not find your favorite lacquerware box and use it as a part of interior or in the kitchen?