Akha people's traditional clothes

In Laos there are more than 50 different ethnic groups. One of them is called Akha tribes. They live mainly in the mountains of Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Yunan Province, in China. 

The Akha people are known their hand embroidery skills. They spin cotton into thread with a hand spindle and weave them on a foot-treadle loom. THe fabric is then hand dyed with indigo. 

Akha women wear broad leggings, a short black skirt, a loose fitting black jacket. The headdresses worn by Akha women are probably most well known piece of traditional clothes. 

If you trek in the northern provinces of Luang Namtha or Pongsaly you can sometimes encounter Akha women walking in the traditional clothes as they walk to the field or to go to the market.



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