Awa-shijira cotton cloth from Tokushima, Japan

Awa-shijira cotton cloth is a kind of textile produced in Tokushima, which is on the Shikoku Island, Japan.

First of all, Shijira weave is a unique fine wrinkled woven fabric created by utilizing the fact that the tension and stretching force of the thread is not uniform.

This wrinkle is called "shibo", and the pattern of Awa-shijira cotton is made by changing the number of warps.

It has been used as summer clothing because it has a refreshing indigo color dyed with Awa's specialty indigo, and the area that touches the body is reduced by the "shibo", making it comfortable to wear.

(Photo: textile with "shibo")

This textile dates back to 1866 when a woman called Hana found this technique accidentally.

Nowadays you can find textile products such as tapestry, handkerchief and neck tie made of this fabric.

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