Children's Day in Japan

In Japan, the 5th May is the Children's Day. The families with boys will put carp-shaped windsocks called Koinobori outside of their house. This custom was started in the Ero period (1603-1868). They are made by drawing patterns on materials such as fabric, non-woven fabric or paper.

(Photo: Koinobori-carps)

If you visit Japanese small towns or residental areas in early May, you will often see this Koinobori flying in the wind.

Another item that is often decorated in a  house with boys is Kabuto (Samurai-worrior's helmet).

This is to wish the boys in the family will grow up without any health issues or accidents.

(Photo: Kabuto)

In Japan, there are many seasonal evente that have special food related to the event.

One of them is called Chimaki, which is a sweet made of sticky rice. This is mainly eaten in the western part of Japan.

(Photo: Chimaki)

Another food often eaten around this day is Kashiwa-mochi. It is kind of rice cake with red bean paste inside. Kashiwa is Japanese emperor's oak and it is wrapped in the leaf of Kashiwa. 


(Photo: Kashiwa mochi)

Why not visit Japan in this beautiful season and enjoy this event?

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