Gion Festival

Summer in Japan is a full of festivals, and one of the most famous is Gion Festival in Kyoto, which happens during the month of July. This festival has a history of over 1150 years - it originated in the 9th Century! 

It is a festival of Yasaka Shrine, which is located in the center of Kyoto.  If you visit Kyoto in July, you will see the parade with Sansha (see photo below).


Some part of this month-long festival is registered on the Japanese "Important non-tangible Folk Cultural Properties" list. 

In 2022, it is special as it was not allowed to have such festivals during the Covid lockdown in 2020 and 2021.

You will see some people in traditional clothes during this period. 

Why not visit Japan and take a part in summer festivals such as Gion Festival?

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