Hasami yaki ware from Nagasaki, Japan

Hasami yaki ware is a type of porcelain produced in Hasami, Nagasaki in Japan. It is said to have originated between 16th and 17th century. To be more excat, the lord of the region brought back some potters back from the Korean Peninsula, who brought the skill to the region.

It still is a popular porcelain to be used in daily life.

Its characteristics lie in the white porcelain and almost transparent indigo blue, called gosu, which is a special type of blue enamel. I love this contrast of white and blue!

(photo: compra bottle)

There are some famous items such as "Kurawanka bowls", which comes from the Nagasaki dialect and "Compra bottles", which was mainly produced to export sake and soy sauce. In the Edo period  (1603-1868)  Hasami boasted the largest porcelain production in Japan and Kurawanka bowls became very popular because normal porcelain and pottery products were too expensive for ordinary people but Kurawanka bowls were reasonable enough for everyone.

(photo: vintage Kurawanka bowl)

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