Hida-Takayama, Japan where traditional crafts are made

Hida-Takayama is a city located in the central part of Japan. It is a region where people lived since more than 10000 years ago!

In the 7th century it was already known to be a place with very highly skilled craftsmanship.

Famous handcrafts include Shibukusa yaki porcelain (photo below), which is called the Japanese Meisen (like the famouns German porcelain manufacturer), Hida-Shunkei lacquerware (photo on the bottom), Koito-ware pottery, wooden carving using a tree called spreading yew and wooden furniture.

It is close to a village called Shirakawago where you can stay in a unique traditional-architect house, so it is perfect to combine these 2 cities in one visit.

Why not visit Hida-Takayama if you have a chance to visit Japan? 


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