Ikat jewelry from Uzbekistan

There is a long history of jewelry making in Uzbekistan and some says it was as early as 12th to 17th century BC. 

Above butterfly ikat earrings are for sale on the shop at 24 Euro. 

Size: About 5 x 1.5cm

In the old days, jewelry was not just ornament but belived to have some magical taisman, protecting the owner from sickness, bad energy and bringing happiness and good luck etc. 

(the back side of the above earrings)

Uzbek jewelers passed on its skills in the family mostly from the father to the son generation after generation. Nowadays you can find a fine merge between the tradition and the modern designs like this ikat earrings.

(the front picture's earrings from the side, which is also sold at the shop at 24 Euro, Size: About 1.8 x 0.8cm)


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