Iwate, Japan where traditional handcrafts still remain

Iwate is a prefecture in north-eastern Japan, whose capital is called Morioka-city. It is the second largest prefecture, after Hokkaido prefecture. 

(Photo: Mt.Iwate)

There are some traditional handcrafts that remain to this day, such as Nanbu iron-ware, Joboji lacquerware, Hidehira lacquerware and Iwayado traditional chest. 

(Photo: Hidehira lacquerware bowls)

Iwate has beautiful nature like Mt. Iwate and Kitakami River. This area has been inhabited since around 40000-33000 years ago. 

(Photo: Iwayado traditional chest)

Famous food from this region includes Yubeshi (Japanese confectionary using Yuzu citrus), Wanko soba, Esashi apples, Sanriku Wakame (seaweed) to name a few.

(Photo: Wanko soba).

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