Kumihimo-traditional Japanese art of making braids and cords

Kumihimo meang "gathered threads" and made by interlacing reels of yarn with silk. 

(Photo: a strap made of a round Kumihimo)

There are a lot of different weaving style, which create various braided cord from very flat to almost round.   

(Photo: flat Kumihimos)

They are tradictionally used as a part of Kimono accessories. However, recently it became well-known as it was featured in an animation movie, and now popular to be used as a strap or bracelet or a hair accessory.

(Photo: a person making the Kumihimo weaving on a special loom)

It is fun to experience traditional handcraft workshops such as the Kumihimo weaving while you are in Japan! 

(Photo: a Kumihimo bracelet)

Why not visit Japan and find your favorite traditional crafts?

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