Kurotani Washi (Japanese paper) from Kyoto

Kurotani Washi is made in Kurobe, Kyoto Prefecture in Japan. It has about 800 years history: the story tells that the clan called Heike, which was a major Samurai clan at the time who were defeated escaped here, hiding from the pursuers to make living by paper making. It has a beautiful river with high quality water that is essential for the paper production.

(Photo: coin case made of Kurotani Washi paper)

The Kurotani Washi is very strong and do not break easily, which make it ideal to be used for lantern, paper umbrella, Shoji (screen or partition used in traditional Japanese houses) and packaging. 

As it is suitable for a long-term usage, it is also used in the World Heritage architecture such as Nijojo castle's Shoji etc.

Nowadays you can find products such as coin case, paper bag, a note-book to name a few.

Why not find your favorite Washi paper products?

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