Ryukyu traditional resist-dyed textiles from Okinawa

In Okinawa, there is a variety of traditional handmade artifacts and one of them is the resist-dyed textile called Ryukyu-Kasuri. 

As there was a lot of trade between Okinawa and South East Asia between 14th and 16th centuries, this kind of weaving technique was introduced to Okinawa. Ryukyu-Kasuri is a woven silk textile made in current days Okinawa (used to be Ryukyu kingdom). It used to be made as a tribute to the government of Ryukyu kingdom. 

Its characteristics lies in the vast number of designs inspired by beautiful nature of Okinawa such as flora and fauna. There are as many as 600 designs! Main products made with this textile is Kimono (traditional clothes), however, you can also find products such as book cover, bags and tie which can be used in daily life. 

The geometric pattern is preserved in illustration book since the Ryukyu kindgom time. 

The process to weave this textile takes a long time and skilled handcraft person can only weave 1-2 meter per day.



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