Samarkand - an oasis on the silk road in Uzbekistan

Samarkand is a city in Uzbekistan, which is originally an oasis on the silk road, which is in the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan. 

It is famous for beautiful sites such as Registan on the photo. Registan was a heart of the Samarkand city, and its name means "sandy place". It has three madrasahs (Islamic schools) .

Due to its very blue sky and the lapis lazuli color of the mosques, it is also knows as "blue city". I spent only 2 days in Samarkand, but was fascinated by this gorgeous city. 

As I went to buy Suzani, that is what I did mainly but I also had a chance to visit the sites at night when it was lit up. Chorsu, which means "crossroads" in Persian is a bazaar in Samarkand, where I visited. I love visiting a local markets and bazaar wherever I go!



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