Samarkand paper

Do you know when and where paper was first made? It was in China around 105AD. It was then conveyed to nearby countries. It arrived in Japan around 610AD from Korean Peninsula, then to Samarkand, Uzbekistan around 751AD when Samrkand was in the war between China and Arab. It is said that one of the captive from China was a master of paper production, who in exchange of his life taught the people of Samarkand how to make paper. From that time Samarkand became the center of paper production in Central Asia.

Samarkand paper was in great demand mostly due to its durability. Many calligraphists and artists used this paper and a lot of the paper used in the past are in the museums in different parts of the world.

Samarkand paper was very expensive and were produced in 3 different grades. The top grade called "sultan (ruler or king in Islamic countries)" paper, which took over papyrus and leather from European markets in Middle Ages. The 2nd was "silk" grade. which was known for its smooth feature and yellow color. Then the last one called “nimkanop” was almost brown color.


nowadays you can find wallets, cards etc. made of the Samarkand paper.


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