What is the Japanese tradition of Kagami-biraki?

Kagami-biraki is a Japanese tradition to break Kagami-mochi (rice cakes) in January. Kagami-mochi is a New Year's decoration, that are placed in homes during the New Year's Days in Japan. Kagami mochi are two round mochi (rice cake) stuck together with a mini mandarine orange on top.

Kagami-mochi is where the grain god was staying during the New Year Days and by breaking them and eating them, people receive their energy. 

The day of Kagami-mochi breaking is generally on 11th January, although it varies from region to region. In some areas it is on 4th, and others are on 15th January.

Kagami means mirror in Japanese and the name Kagami-mochi comes from the fact that the round shape is similar to the mirror in old times. When people creak the Kagami-mochi, they make it into various dishes such as Oshiruko (red bean sweet soup: see photo below). 

Why not find your favorite laquerware bowl or pottery bowl and enjoy such sweet soup?

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