Yachimun - Tsuboya ware pottery from Okinawa

In Okinawan dialect, pottery is called Yachimun. Pottery was introduced to Okinawa in the 14th to 16th century. At the time, Okinawa was called Ryukyu kingdom and there were a lot of trades between Ryukyu (Okinawa) and South East Asia as well as China.

Tsuboya ware is a kind of pottery that is made in Naha city (the capital of Okinawa). 

The notable characteristic of Tsuboya ware is the impressive decorations with enamel unique to Okinawa. 

In Okinawan pottery there are two main category, arayachi and jouyachi. Arayachi is a simple pottery used to make water jars and jars to contain alcohol etc. (see photo below) whereas jouyachi is put in the kiln at about 1200C, which has a style that reflect the rich nature of Okinawa (see photo above).

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