Yao tribe's traditional clothes

In northern Laos, there is a group of people called the Yao tribe. They are said to have originated in southern China about 2000 years ago.

They have a unique belief system which is a mix of animism, Taoism a belife in the nature and ancestral spirits. For the Yao people white cloth is very important for their rituals and believe that the embroidery threads could connect this world to the world of departed souls and communicate their wills.

Yao women used to plant cotton, spin the threads, make dye with natural ingridients by using plants etc., weavet the cloth and emboirder to make a beautiful textile for their mothers, mother-in-laws and husbands within just a year from their wedding day!

They are well known for the embroidered pants, detailed back cover and the wedding head cover. In their ancient teachings, the girls should not show their hair to other people, which is why they hear a head cover. 

When they have collective matching event to find a partner, you can see women in beautiful traditional clothes like the above photo.

After they marry and have a baby, the back cover will have another fabric added to warp the baby.



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