Kayaori cloth from Japan in your kitchen or elsewhere!

Kayaori cloth is a kind of cloth that is often used in kitchens from Nara, Japan. Kaya originally was mosquito net, which was made of cotton or linen and became popular in the Meiji Era (1868-1912).

Kayaori kitchen cloth with mini deer pattern from Nara, Japan

In the 1960-70s when people no longer needed mosquito nets, this kind of fabric was used for different purpose - a kitchen cloth and shawl etc. The Kayaori kitchen cloth is very famous for its fantastic absorption of water and many Japanese people use them in their kitchens.

Kayaori cloth with stripe pattern indigo blue and white

Nowadays, there are many modern and cute designs so why not choose your favorite pattern and color among our collection? 

Kayaori kitchen cloth with Mt Fuji pattern from Nara, Japan