Ethical wooden product from Laos

Laos is a landlocked country in South-East Asia, which has a lot of forests. Although the percentage has been decreasing slowly about 70% of the country is still forest. That means there are plenty of trees and wood available. The well-known wooden products from Laos include baskets, bowls, cutlery, plates and so on.

In our collection, we have spoons from Laos, made of wood - they are handmade by the local artisans and the material is sourced from organization, who make sure that only naturally fallen woods are used so that people do not go into the forests to cut them in order to turn into products.

What I really love is the rosewood that are very exotic material. In Japan, rosewood is often used in altars, however, in Laos they are used to make spoons, bowls, plates and other items you can use in your daily life.  

What is your favorite wooden product?