Preparation for the New Year

In Japan the New Year Holiday is the most important event, just like Christmas is for most people in Europe and North America. 

Between 13th and 28th December, people put decoration to welcome the new year. New Year Holiday is the time people show gratitude to the God of the Year, who brings us good health, happiness and good harvests.

First one that you often see not only in homes but also in hotels, companies etc. is called Kadomatsu. This is a sign for the God of the Year to come into the house, office etc. without getting lost!

The next one you often see is called Shimenawa, which you see in the entrance/door of the house/building and on cars:

This shows that the place is sacred enough for the God of the Year. 

When you go into a Japanese person's house around this time of the year, you will often see Kagami-mochi:


This is where the God of the Year will be staying, so people put the main one in the living room and smaller ones in kitchen, corridor etc. 

I hope you 've had a wonderful year 2022 and getting ready to welcome the new year in a few days.