About us

Who are we?

Kawaii Presenter is a specialized online shop based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany where you can find beautiful handmade artefacts from different cultures such as Japan, Laos and Uzbekistan. The high-quality handmade artefacts are ideal for gifts for your loved ones or for yourself. We source the artifacts from local artisans and local partners that are ethically & environmentally friendly producing the crafts. 

Where does the name "Kawaii-Presenter" come from?

The word "Kawaii" is a Japanese word that means "beautiful/nice/cute" and we are presenter of the things that are Kawaii, hence, the name: Kawaii Presenter! We source beautiful items from different cultures that will enrich your daily life.

How did it start? Our story:

The business concept started first as the owner lived in Laos and worked for a NPO between 2006 and 2011. As she went to visit villagers in the projects area, many women were weaving beautiful silk or cotton textiles which are often used as a traditional skirt or shawl etc. When she interviewed the women who were parents of the children in the project, why they don't send their children to school, they replied "we need them to work in the field to survive.". From this experience, she got the idea to sell those beautiful Lao handmade crafts in Japan, where she is originally from because these women didn't know how to access international markets. 

Now that she lives in Germany, she resumed the business and added the collection from Japan and Uzbekistan. Since she grew up in Japan, she is familiar with various kinds of traditional crafts such as pottery/ceramic, textile, lacquerware and different variation from different regions of Japan. 


Why artefacts from Japan, Laos and Uzbekistan?

Japan - because the owner is originally from Japan and grew up in a family who valued handmade pottery, and other traditional crafts.

Laos - as previously written, the owner lived in Laos and it is the place this business originated.

Uzbekistan - in one of the museums where the owner used to go as a child with her parents, there were a lot of Suzani textiles from Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, which fascinated her. That's why she flew to Uzbekistan to find gorgeous Suzani, Rishtan pottery and so on. 

We hope that you will find your favorite piece or a perfect gift for your loved ones!